SPLA Destroys Another Rebel Force 25km SSE of Akoka

By | 22nd May 2015

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(SPLA GHQs) – The SPLA has announced capture of six enemy Armoured Personnel Carriers (APCs) and destruction of enemy force 25km south-southast (SSE) of Akoka. The SPLA also said it destroyed four Toyotas mounted with 50 calibre machine guns.

The rebels had by-passed Baliet to the south and tried to go to Paloich and tried to by-pass Akoka and travel north towards Paloich but fell into an ambush at Pelbeer. SPLA infantry battalion Abushok defeated rebel force at 12pm with Mazulum sending reinforcements.

The SPLA said that they are pursuing the rebels who are running back to Malakal in disarray. ♦

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