Executive Director of Mundri West Killed

By | 22nd May 2015

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(MUNDRI, WES) – Two soldiers from SPLA Logistics Corps on their way to Rumbek were killed and one seriously wounded last night by unknown gunmen while they had parked their truck at a junction for an overnight stopover. One of the deceased has been named as Garang Dhieu Dut from Twic East County.

The Commissioner of Mundri west, Hassan Bhakit and the County Executive Director, John Keliopa escorted by the police went to the scene of the killings at 0900 this morning. However, they were also ambushed and the Executive Director, was shot dead by the assailants. The bodies of the deceased soldiers and the Executive Director have been brought back to town.

Angry soldiers started shooting into the air upon hearing the news of the death of their colleagues spreading the panic in town. General Bol Akook has been sent with a security taskforce to ensure security and investigate the deaths of the soldiers. ♦

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