BILPAM: SPLA COGS Does Not Have Social Media Account #SouthSudan #SSudan

By | 25th April 2017

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The Deputy Spokesman of the SPLA has come out and denied information posted under a false account using the name of SPLA COGS. Colonel Dominic Santos said that the SPLA COGS, Paul Malong Awan, does not have social media account. He added that the COGS would not communicate through social media if he wants to issue a message.

Colonel Domic denounced the “misuse of social media to negatively talk about high profile officials of the government.” He said this amounts to “assassination of personality”.

The SPLA also denied rumours that there was looting in Juba. He said the reports were “rubbish posted by members of opposition within the country or outside the country”. He said that the SPLA forces are in their barracks.

He said the information should be disregard as mere propaganda.

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