Plane Crashes In Wau, All 44 Passengers Survive

By | 20th March 2017

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Tail section of the wreckage.

A South Supreme airplane has crashed in Wau at the Airport this afternoon after departing from Juba.

The manager of South Supreme Airlines in an exclusive interview confirmed the airplane crashed but said there were no casualties. He said that he has communicated with the South Supreme Airlines manager in Wau who said that all the passengers had been removed from the plane before it was destroyed by the fire.

A passenger who had travelled to Wau on the same flight only days earlier remarked that it was only a matter of time before such a crash occurred. There is however no indication about the cause of the crash.

Images emerging from Wau show the mangled debris of the aeroplane and a fire engine trying to extinguish the fire. The Manager, Mr. Gabriel said that all the passengers will be taken to hospital to check for any other injuries they might have incurred from the flight.

The President’s spokesperson, Ateny Wek, had earlier released a press statement on Facebook regarding passenger casualties on the plane but retracted it after confirmation from the airline that the passengers had all gotten off the plane before it burnt out. According to him, he had not been fully informed about the crash and removed it accordingly once the details emerged.

The plane was carrying 49 passengers, 29 of them were taken to hospital for check up following the crash, four are currently under treatment for shock. The rest were discharged after the check up.

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Photo credits: Mariak Chan and Young Commando.

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