Witch Hunt of SBS Dinka’s Ajak Deng

By | 20th May 2015

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(EDITORIAL) – I have long refused to speak on this topic but since I always have an opinion on things why don’t I share mine on this one. This witch hunt on Ajak Deng Chiengkou of SBS Dinka is completely unwarranted. Ajak Deng started with SBS Dinka and worked for it to be what it is today – the fifth most popular SBS language radio out of 74 in Australia.

He has improved considerably regarding topics, its relevance, also his interviewing technique and skill. Everyone always has room to improve. But what strikes me the most is level of dedication by this man to provide South Sudanese with the latest information, facts and topics of discussion. He gets up very early (and often stays late) to head to the studios in central Melbourne to carry out phone call interviews. He also invited guests to the studio (I was one of them in January).

The fact is his work ethic and dedication is astoundingly good for a South Sudanese (our work ethic is generally poor, crucify me for saying that then). We want him to be biased or pro-gov or not give Riek Machar and his minions a platform, but unfortunately they are also part of South Sudan. Our people need to learn how to handle dissenting views – not everyone will agree with you.

We need to also ‘hear’ them out and listen to their reasoning and ideas. People choose their sides in this conflict as they see fit. I cannot stop that and neither can you. Rebel or no rebel – everyone makes their choice. Lastly, the most important and valuable thing what makes SBS Dinka what it is is the fact we get our news, in plain Dinka, no lost in translation etc. Rumours fly all the time in our community but SBS Dinka has dispelled so many of them by going to the horse’s mouth and letting it speak.

This is our radio language, in our native tongue, ran by one of our dedicated brothers. No one else is running it for us. It is our platform. How beautiful is it to have that in a foreign country?

If Mr Ajak Deng has made such a grave mistake I can understand why he has to go but unfortunately ‘promoting rebels’ is not one of them ♦

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