NLA Defers a Social Welfare Bill for Widows and Orphans

By | 4th June 2015

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(JUBA, CES) – The National Legislative Assembly has suspended the legislative process of “Martyrs’ Family Fund Bill 2015” until further notice pending public hearing to clarify some anomalies in its definition. Deputy Speaker Mark Nyipuoc ruled on Wednesday after controversial deliberations that the Bill should be deferred for public hearing to put legislators on “safe side of history.”

Twic East Constituency MP Professor Ajang Bior criticised the Martyrs’ Family Fund Bill 2015 for lacking definition of who is a martyr and a child, saying it also lacks specification on which war should be considered because there is an ongoing conflict. He questioned whether people who died fighting between 1983-2005 against Khartoum and fighting for Khartoum should be considered on equal basis.

Tonj Constituency Aleu Ayieny Aleu blasted the bill for posing confusion without distinction of orphans, widows and the wounded survivors. He asked whether a widow of a martyr remarried to somebody should be considered for the fund or whether a ghost wife married in the name of a martyr and children born out of such marriage after he has already died should be considered for the fund.

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