J1: President Kiir reconstituted the National Dialogue Steering Committee #SouthSudan #SSudan

By | 26th April 2017

Share This: President Kiir yesterday reconstituted the membership of the National Dialogue Steering committee through Republican Order number 8/2017. This follows the resignation of Retired Bishop Paride Taban as Co-Chair in early March. The newly reconstituted Steering Committee will be Co- Chaired by Hon. Abel Alier and Hon. Angelo Beda. The Vice chair is Hon.… Read More »

NGOs: UNMISS Head addressed Security Council on situation in #SouthSudan #SSudan

By | 26th April 2017

Share This: David Shearer, the head of UNMISS, yesterday addressed the UNSC in New York, stating that there is “No concerted effort” to Adhere to Ceasefire in South Sudan. While addressing the Security Council he said that there has been an escalation in the conflict. “Virtually no part of the country is immune from conflict.… Read More »

J1: President appoints committee to dialogue with Judges #SouthSudan #SSudan

By | 25th April 2017

Share This: The President has formed a committee to solve the issues raised by the Justices and judges through Republican order number 7 of 2017. The committee is composed of: 1 Hon Paulino Wanawila- Minister of Justice 2 Hon. Michael Makuei- Minister of information 3 Majok Mading Majok- Head of Legal Administration in Office of… Read More »

STATES: UNMISS Patrols Pajok and finds 2 corpses and 1 Grave #SouthSudan #SSudan

By | 21st April 2017

Share This: UNMISS has conducted a number of patrols from Torit to Pajok, with an overnight stop over at Magwi, this past week. The integrated Patrols comprised of peacekeepers, humanitarians, human rights observers and members of the State Legislature. Speaking to Radio Miraya, the UNMISS spokesperson said that the team discovered two unburied bodies and… Read More »

STATES: SPLA Captures 3 Rebel Bases in Western Bahr-El Ghazal #SouthSudan #SSudan

By | 11th April 2017

Share This: The SPLA has capture 3 bases from the SPLA- IO operating in Western Bahr- El- Ghazal. The three rebel bases of Bagari, Bazia and Brinji were captured following a military offensive on Saturday in the outskirts of Wau. In a telephone interview the SPLA spokesperson, Colonel Santo Domic stated that the operation had… Read More »

STATES: Violent Clashes break out in #Wau between Luo and Dinka #SouthSudan #SSudan

By | 10th April 2017

Share This: There have been 3 days of violent clashes in Wau between Dinka and Luo(Jur Chol) communities, which started in Nazareth and have since spread to Hai Kosti. At the heart of the current skirmish is a cattle-raiding incident that took place in late January. Cattle herders from Tonj state came under attack from… Read More »

Feature: UNMAS hosts a talent competition at Nyakuron for Primary Schools #SouthSudan #SSudan

By | 8th March 2017

Share This: To promote awareness about explosive hazards, UNMAS in collaboration with the National Mine Action Authority hosted a Risk Education competition on 8TH March 2017 at the Nyakuron Centre, Juba. A total of Nine Schools performed on the occasion and the winner will get a chance to shoot a video with the Jay Family.… Read More »